I guess all the cool Tumblr Peeps are playing Smash 4 together and I’m studying.

They’re going to blow up the building that basically let’s you know when you’re in / getting close to my town.

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I hate dreams that feel real, and that you want to be real.

But they’re not.

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So today at work a young woman came in wearing a Dalek teeshirt.

Obviously I complimented her on the shirt, and shot the Doctor Who related shit for a few brief minutes, before another associate helped her with finalizing her choice of glasses.

Afterwards said associate told me I should’ve flirted with the customer, since we had a similar interested.

And I felt really awkward.

Night blogging has finished.
But the attitude associated with it lives on.

Yo life

Suddenly the most annoying way of typing I've ever seen.

  • TA: ii am iin fact two bu2y 2tiill 2ettiing iit up.
  • TA: whoa HERE2 an iidea.
I’m that dude on the couch right now.

I’m that dude on the couch right now.

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Who takes a still image, when you can make a video?

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"Hey dude, want to go to a party later?"

"Black Ops"

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