Ok seriously, what the fucking hell. Watch the first 30 or so seconds and tell me you are ok with this.

From UC Davis earlier today. 



I can’t.

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    This is actually really funny… Cause all the hipsters and crazy people out there think this is wrong… I think this is...
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    At the beginning, I felt only terror and horror. In the middle, I felt chills. At the end, I felt pride. As scared as I...
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    This country, and all the powers that we are supposed to trust our safety to… All corrupt. Every last fucking one of...
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    What were they protesting again?
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    this was wordy and full of insight and politics and questions and answers but i erased it because words, no matter how...
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    Fuq the po-pos!!
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    This video actually kind of made me happy. Once you got past the stupid ass riot team being terrible excuses for human...
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    it’s disgusting. 99.9% of the time police brutality is in no way necessary
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    This. Is. Fucking. Ridiculous. They are SITTING. I think i might go join the protestors downtown in my state, not...
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    I’m disgusted.
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    Power of the people!
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